Tattoos and Me: Part Two

Ok, so we are in part two!  Click here for part one, where I speak a little about my story with tattoos.

As I mentioned in part one, I recently watched this mini-documentary where Grace Neutral went to South Korea to explore their beauty scene.  This video notes that South Korea has one of the top beauty markets in the world.  One of the segments of the documentary focused on tattoos and how it is illegal to be a tattooer.  It just made me think a lot, I highly recommend you watch it.

One part of the video Grace (heavily tattooed) is walking through a spa with a beauty lover and she is asked to cover up.  She had to wear a trench around the spa and change in a separate room to not shake up the other folks in the spa.  It is all cultural, all relative to the place you are in.

Another part we see in the video is the journey of a girl opening up to her parents about having tattoos.  She had a lot of work done and her parents didn’t know.  Fortunately they embraced her and still accepted her when she told them, but they kept noting how they are sad for how others will view her.  It was really wonderful to see such a special and intimate moment.

I won’t go on and on, but go watch the video!  It is just over 30 minutes and a really cool look into a different side of the beauty and art culture.  We get so consumed by beauty, but it is so different around the world.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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