30 Day Makeup Challenge: 12/13

When committing to do this 30 day challenge, there were definitely some days that I was not too into.  Some are random here or there, but these two were back to back.

12: Makeup Pet Peeve
Like I said on my Instagram, to each their own.  I don’t know, I’m not a not picky person. I feel like it’s not my place to say what should and shouldn’t be done on another person. If you are comfortable walking around how every you set yourself up, who am I to judge?? So, I went with something pretty basic: clumpy lashes.  I know that high fashion runway shows have tried this trend and now even some mascara is specifically targeted to do this, but I can’t and won’t rock clumpy lashes. I can’t hang with that. I love long, flirty lashes.

(Picture found on Pinterest)

13: Bronze Goddess

This was also not a day I was excited about.  I have fair skin and never go for a bronzed look.  I use bronzer to warm up in a general way and mildly contour sometimes.  I mean, do I wish I could rock that glowy bronzed look like JLo???? Uhmmmm, yes.  But it wouldn’t work on me and I’m fine with that.  So I just posted a random selfie from last week instead, lol.

But tomorrow will be fun…ombre! See sneak peak below!



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