30 Day Makeup Challenge: 24

Pastels.  With spring here, today’s them seems pretty relevant!  But, what if you are feeling some pastels, but don’t have any pastel color eye shadow?

Use a blush!

Shown above:

  1. M.A.C. – Dainty
  2. Milani – Luminoso
  3. Clinique – Peach Pop

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


30 Day Makeup Challenge: 22/23

22…missed it!

23- rainbow eye shadow.  Instead of eyes, I went for lips!

  • I started with red, using a brush to apply the lipstick.  Then, after wiping the small detail brush, I applied an orange lipstick.
  • After this, I used NYX white pencil in milk for a base.  I didn’t have any yellow, green or blue lipstick.  So over the white base, I used eye shadow from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette for those colors.
  • After those were applied, I finished off the look with a purple lipstick.
  • Done!

Until next time!

30 Day Makeup Challenge: 19/20/21

19: favorite mascara

I chose one mascara from each price category.

  • Drugstore – cover girl clump crusher, close second was the rocket by maybelline.
  • Mid-range – benefit they’re real, I also love roller lash.
  • Luxury – Chanel volume de Chanel. Love this one!

20: whoops.  Life got so busy this day, that I missed the post! Moving on!

21: G. L.  I.  T.  T. E.  R.

Now, I love glitter and have no problem with the mess it tends to bring. However, I found both of these at Nordstrom Rack a while back and they are so easy!  They each have a brush tip and you can brush it on to add a little or add in light layers to build it up.  A must have!


30 Day Makeup Challenge: 18

For today’s celebrity inspired theme, I went with Jeffree Star.  Not only do I live for his liquid lipsticks, but I love his honest, unapologetic take on things.

His full size photo:

My version is in the side by side below. I changed it a little bit, but tried to stay close to his version.

I saw this photo of him (he also posted a video) using the electric palette by urban decay.  Sold!  That’s my look for today’s challenge.

Reminder of how sickening the electric palette is, just in case you forgot.

Until tomorrow!

30 Day Makeup Challenge: 16

Day 16 is a smokey eye day. This was a smokey eye from several weeks ago.  I know the “rule” is to not wear both a bold eye and lip but…who cares! This lipstick is really cool because it is a matte black with silver glitter throughout.  Really unique!

Eyes: Kat Von D shade and light palette with some purple as a transition for some added color. I also added some urban decay glitter to the inner corners to sparkle.  Lashes are Ardell 120.

Lips: Kat Von D studded lipstick in NaYEON, using a black eye liner as the lip liner.