It’s freezing in Hawaii today.  Once my coffee was done I needed some warm tea to keep me going.  I opened this packet of chai rooibos and read the quote, one reason I love yogi teas.

“Joy is the essence of success.”


So what does this mean?  Is it really that easy to find joy?

If you can find a bit of joy in everything, even if just a little bit, you can feel happier.  And isn’t happiness the key to feeling successful?  Success isn’t measured by money, fame or anything else…just how you feel as a human.  I really can get behind this quote.  There’s something to be said about finding the good in anything.

So let’s try this.  Let’s exercise our right to choose how we react and perceive things. Let’s take charge of the day and choose to find joy.  I can do this.

Can you?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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