Not once in my life have I feared or been nervous to get a haircut.  Not once!  However, this was different.  As I mentioned previously, I used to have short, layered hair.  Not a pixie, but it was shorter than my chin and lots or layers.  It took be years to grow out, truly, close to three years to re-shape, trim, re-shape, trim, etc.  Now that my hair was long and my bangs were exactly how I wanted, I felt secure with it.  I look in a mirror and think that I look how I should look.  But here is the thing…my ends were so dry and split.

I have a friend who slays hair.  Her hair always looks good and she just has a natural ability to style and make it look killer.  I have been picking her brain for months now on what to do with long hair and regardless of the tips my hair would still look dry.

I knew it was time.

I made the appointment with my hairstylist and committed to cutting a chunk off to freshen up and liven up my hair.  As I got closer to the day I was more and more nervous.  My hair almost became part of my identity, a security blanket.

I was being dramatic and a friend came with me.  Not kidding, lol.  I go in and talk to my hairstylist about the trim and she agreed that since we worked so hard to get my hair all grown out we shouldn’t cut too much off but that I did need a trim.

I ended up cutting about 4-5 inches off.  I am still adjusting to the shorter hair and I am not sure I love it.  But what I do know is my hair feels so healthy and light!  So that right there is worth it.  Now I have a good re-start point to grow out even more healthy hair.



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