Instagram: No Filter vs. Filter

Once upon a time, I was going through my pictures deleting some I didn’t need. I ran across this side by side of a selfie I took. See below for side by side of No Filter (left) vs. Filter (right).


So, what’s the big deal with filter hate? I used a filter here because I liked how it made my hair look when I was in desperate need of a color refresh. Anyone with died red or plum hair like me knows what I mean! The struggle! I also like how it added almost that overexposed light look. I am a fan of that. I like filters, they can be fun! It’s all in art and fun anyway, right?

One thing I hardly ever put a filter on would be a product or swatch picture. Only because that taints the true nature of the product and give it a different hue then intended.

Example of a product picture:

IMG_0590(Picture from Kylie Lip Kit Review)

Example of a swatch picture:

DSC_0245(Picture from Mi Vida Loca Palette Review)

What are your thoughts on filters? Do you love playing around with them or go #nofilter all the time?

I like a healthy balance of both. All things in moderation, friends.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.



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