Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits


Ok, let’s just get this out of the way. The Kardashian’s are pretty polarizing: you take them or leave them. If I had to be categorized, I would fall into the leave them bucket. Of course, I have seen the show and I know of their comings and goings purely because they are everywhere. That being said, I love two things they’ve come out with:

  1. The Kimoji’s
  2. The Kylie Lip Kits

Number one is neither here nor there; so let’s just say that this app is hilarious, with the funniest little pictures. As an emoji lover, I really enjoy the middle finger the most.

Number two however, really does impact my life. This sounds dramatic, yes, but as an avid makeup lover and specifically LIPSTICK lover…this is something I am happy to say is amazing and truly unique. I know, I know…get the eye rolling out of the way. Listen, I wasn’t on the whole Kylie lip train either. She’s gorgeous, no doubt, but these kits are no joke. Let’s break them down.

**This is the review. Full swatches and dupes will be posted in another blog entry soon.**

Colors I Purchased:


The Price

Lots of the feedback says these are over priced at $29 per kit. I totally disagree with that. In each kit you get a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. Sure, you can get cheap liquid lipsticks, but most of them run on average $18-$20, some even $24, and that is sans liner. As for the liner, you can get some good liners from $4 at the drugstore.   So one way to break that down is you are paying $20 for the lipstick and $9 for the liner. Another way to look at it is to break the cost in half. With that example you are paying $14.50 for each the liquid lipstick (pretty cheap by market standards) and $14.50 for the liner, which by the way is still $2 cheaper than the best MAC lip liner pencil. Hence, the price is reasonable, in my opinion. Again, I realize there are cheaper options, but you get what you pay for and if you love makeup these really aren’t bad. I mean, one Tom Ford lipstick alone is $52 and isn’t long-wearing…just saying!


The Color Range

If you see the pictures (I have all but True Brown K) they are all pretty much nudes other than the Red (Mary Jo K). This is not a huge range, but this range does provide wearable colors. You could literally wear any of these colors on any day with any face. The red is also pretty neutral as far as reds go. Since it’s blue based (as opposed to orange or brown), anyone can pull this off. Just a matter if YOU feel comfortable.

Left to Right: Mary Jo K, Posie K, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K


The Smell

What is that smell!!! Is it cake? Fruity? Strawberry shortcake? Cake batter? I can’t place it! This does have a smell, but as soon as the product dries you can’t smell anymore. I am super sensitive to smells, so trust me on that one.

The Application

Lip Liner: A smooth application, no skips. This had a good balance of wax/oil/pigmentation for it to apply smooth and easily.

Lipstick: I used what was on the applicator; I did not have to dip in for more product. It was thinner than say, Anastasia’s, but not as this as Jeffree Star’s. This was not a mousey texture though, definitely a liquid.   When using Mary Jo K, I did have to dip in for more products for it not to look streaky.

The Comfort

Ok, now this is so odd. As soon as the lippie dried…I couldn’t feel it. I mean it almost felt like a powder had been applied to my lips. How is that possible? I have tried many different brands liquid lipsticks and none have felt this way. I am not picky w the dryness issue anyway, but this was truly unique. When you touch your lip, you feel no tackiness. These are nailing the comfort category.

The Staying Power

The first color I ever tried was Candy K. I applied the liner and lipstick and went to get dinner. We got take out and here is what I had: a salad with pecans and apples, some stolen French fries (I regret nothing!) and half a piece of chocolate cake. We finished watching a movie and when I came to brush my teeth before bed it was still on. It did fade a little in the middle but it wasn’t a choppy fade. It actually looked ok. Wear time was good and very comparable to other brands.

Final Thoughts

 Honestly, 10 out of 10! These liquid lipsticks really were comparable to Jeffree Star, Kat Von D and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t going to order these and then read all the raving reviewed which piqued my curiosity. I have to agree with all the great reviews…these truly kick some serious ass.

Did you pick up a kit? What do you think?

**Note: I did not order the first formula, February 2016 batch was my first interaction with them.**




3 thoughts on “Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits

  1. I totally love the review! Okay, how would you rate the liquid lipstick brands you mentioned? I’m yet to try the Kylie Lip kits and I would really like to know if they are better than the Jeffree Star ones. Or even the Kat von D ones.

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