At Home Tricks to Keep Your Fringe Fresh

There are a lot of pros and cons to having bangs. One of the negatives is the maintenance. They grow fast and need constant upkeep to keep you looking fly. I have had straight, thick bangs since October 2014. There are three essential tools that help with bang maintenance.


  • Fine tooth comb with a handle. The handle is essential because it helps you find your bangs after a wash or if they need to be re-separated from your long hair. The fine tooth comb helps to bush your bangs out if they start to gather.  This naturally happens throughout the day, when bangs start to look stringy.  Use the comb, boom.  Back to fresh fringe.
  • Roller – My hair is curly, so in order to reduce the heat and keep my bangs straight I use this! It stays in place and helps you to not rely on a flat iron every time you need to restyle your bangs. Also, this roller adds volume.  I wash my bangs more often than the rest of my hair, so this is essential is keeping things less annoying.
  • Scissors – are you brave enough to cut your own bangs? My hairdresser is the bomb and she gives me free bang trims, but, there have been times where I have attempted this on my own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. And by that I mean they are uneven and short. The good thing about bangs is they’ll grow fast.  But even if you just have to cut a TINY bit off to just hold you over, these are good to have on hand.




Something else to help keep the bangs looking good is baby powder…I know.  Let me explain.  Just put a little bit on a comb (see below) and tap it off on the root of your bangs.  Brush this through and it will immediately freshen up.  I do this on a day that I don’t have time or forget to wash my bangs.




Share your tips below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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