Trip Recap: Kauai

Sometimes a weekend away is just what the doctor ordered.  All packed and ready to go, I head to the airport.  The check-in took more time than the flight!  The flight was about 25 minutes, just enough time to drink some POG.  Then, all of the sudden the plane lands on Kauai.

The island is small with a population of just over 65,000 people.  The mountains are incredible.  They are everywhere you look, framing each view.

We had been to Kauai before, but that doesn’t mean the magic was lost on us. I did things this trip we hadn’t done before, so that was lovely.  There is so much to see for such an itty bitty island!

Here are some highlights:

  • Waimea Canyon  – Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  It spans about 10 miles and the elevation reaches 3,000 feet.  The road is paved with lots of view points on the drive up and down.  It really puts into perspective how small we are!
  • Caves – there are several caves here, both wt and dry.  You can actually walk in the dry caves!
  • Lumahai Beach –  this was our favorite spot.  We stopped here on day one, but we liked it so much we went back the whole afternoon on the next day.  It is so unique because the river water from the mountains comes down and meets the ocean.  You look one way, river.  You turn the other, teal ocean water.  Was truly incredible.
  • Kauai Coffee Company –  we stopped at this farm on our drive around.  They offer tons of free samples and a self-guided coffee tour.
  • Wailua Falls – A simple drive up, then boom!  Huge waterfall.  There is a rope you can hike down to swim in the pool, but we opted to view from the top.

Oh, and get this.  On our last night, we were eating dinner by the ocean and we saw whales breaching!  It was the perfect ending to our trip.

All in all, we had a great vacation.  Enjoyed every minute.  Loved every bite.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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