Top 10 of 2015: Beauty

Drum Roll Please!

You know, to be honest, this wasn’t too hard for me! When I started thinking of items that I found and/or fell in love with in 2015, I pretty much knew right away what they were going to be. I tried to stick to items that are NOT holy grail items for me (Benefit they’re real, MAC painterly paint pot, etc.), so just wanted to mention that before we get into it. Also, I wanted to stick to a top ten and not go by category to be concise and really hone in on what I was loving.

Let’s do this!


In no particular order, by the way, number 1 is It Cosmetics Radiance Ombre Blush. The perfect pink blush, plus I have a lovely memory of buying this on a shopping day with my mom. Bonus! We each got one and I think of her every time I use this. I use this a LOT and there isn’t even a dent. Lovely blush.

Next we have a product that I’ve heard about for a while and just got this year. The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder is a beautiful setting powder that brightens up the inner eyes without giving that SUPER under eye Kim K look, which I do not like. This keeps it normal and classic.

In third, the ever popular, Champagne Pop! This was the first highlighter I ever purchased and the first Becca product I’ve purchased. I use this often…you can’t go wrong with it. Bonus: I also use this as an all over eye shadow or inner corner highlight.

The next favorite is a combo, because they go together. Now, this is a holy grail of mine, but I used them a lot in 2015 and I wanted to throw it in here. They are the best. Ardell 120 lashes and Duo glue, the one with the brush. These lashes are great as a full strip lash OR you can cut them up into two or three smaller strips to place on the outer corners. They are fluffy, not too wild and just too pretty.


Halfway! At five we have MAC bronzer. Now mine is in the limited edition packaging, but you can still get this at MAC in the normal packaging. This bronzer is blendable, buildable and warms up the skin. As a fair girl, I like how there is not crazy pigmentation, so I can build it up as I want.

THIS MASCARA!   Covergirl Clump Crusher is just so good and the price is so right. No clumps, easy to apply, doesn’t run, doesn’t smell weird (you know what I mean). A true staple to any makeup bag.

My number seven was hit or miss out here in review-land. I got this last year on my birthday and honestly, I reach for it more than any other foundation brush. I personally see great results and love how it works for foundation and concealer. Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush, you are loved in this house!

EIGHT! MAC Dazzleglass Shadows…Sparkle all day long, my friends. This shadow is SO AMAZING! Now, this came out with a limited collection, but you can get some shadows still on the website. They are the darker ones, most likely did not sell as well because of that reason. They are so special, so unique. I can truly say that I have nothing like these sparklers in my collection.


These last two I am going to mention truly were my top two of the year. These products gave me confidence, excitement and products that I have purchased for friends because I wanted to share the joy.


I love Kat Von D’s line, she kills it. This palette is just no joke. You can do anything with this! I almost don’t know what to say about it, that is how much I love it. Where can I start to explain that! LOL – I am so dramatic.

We made it! Number 10, here we are. Ok, so lippies are fun for me. I love experimenting with all colors and formulas. So this year when Liquid Lips came on the scene, where do I sign? They last all day and really finish off the look in a worry-free way. I mean, nothing will every replace MAC Rebel or Rubi Woo Lipstick, but these are pretty damn amazing. Makes me wonder what took so long for someone to think of doing this, considering how high maintenance a lipstick can be. My top three brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Kat Von D. I cannot pick a top color. NOPE!


Bonus: I didn’t want to put this in my top ten because it is no longer available. The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes was a favorite of mine.   I really love the mix of oranges, neutrals, purples and even that green. So, behold an honorable mention!

There we have it!  Here is to another great year!

What were all of you loving?!  Share below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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