New Year, New…Me?

Happy New Year!!!

2016, WOW!  How’d that happen?

I haven’t posted much, I was enjoying the holidays a wee bit too much!  Plus my work is in a peak season, so PHEW it has been busy.  Hoping to get my 2015 favorites up soon, just took the photos.  Need to edit and write this weekend.

So let’s get real about the holidays. I see a peppermint mocha…I drink it.  I have a friend that is an INCREDIBLE cook/baker so when she offers…I take it.  My sweet tooth is another level.  I have troubles with portion control.  Now I do work out 3-4 times a week (typically), but I need to get back on track, totally.  Need to stop over eating and work out more than I am.

I found this youtuber a while ago, she used to do all beauty videos.  She then morphed into beauty/lifestyle.  Then, she started focusing on fitness and overall wellness.  I have followed her for a LONG time and finally decided to join her community.  Her name is Abby Esbenshade and she started a business called 3S Fitness where she offers meal plans and work out plans.  I watched a video of hers that she posted recently that really spoke to me and I had to join.  She’s (always been) passionate, smart, energetic and all around motivating.

I am not looking to be skinny-minny, I am actually happy with myself!  I think that is the problem.  Since I live on cloud nine most of the time (I realize that this is good and bad, lol), I don’t notice when I need to drop some lbs.  I have done different things here and there that work (loved the 21-day fix, for example), but can never stick with it.

So here I am!

I am so EXCITED to work with her and see what she can offer me. If her program is anywhere near as infectious as she is.. .This is gonna be fun!

(insert Rocky theme and shadow boxing here)

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 2.18.07 PM.png


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