Review: Nivea Tinted Lip Balm



Let’s set the mood…

You’re all ready to go. You’re rocking your every day look, just waiting for your mascara to dry before you spritz with fix+. You grab your keys and head to the car and notice that your lips feel chapped. But, you really wanted to wear at least a little color on the lips.

Be hold, the solution!


Nivea has a lip care item called, “A Kiss of Care and Color.” This is a balm with sheer color that will give you a benefit of moisture to help the chapped lips, but also add something and make you feel just a tad more put together.


The swatch shown is the color Sheer Berry, however, I have seen other colors.

Thanks, Nivea, for another great drugstore item that has the right price and a great purpose.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


At Home Tricks to Keep Your Fringe Fresh

There are a lot of pros and cons to having bangs. One of the negatives is the maintenance. They grow fast and need constant upkeep to keep you looking fly. I have had straight, thick bangs since October 2014. There are three essential tools that help with bang maintenance.


  • Fine tooth comb with a handle. The handle is essential because it helps you find your bangs after a wash or if they need to be re-separated from your long hair. The fine tooth comb helps to bush your bangs out if they start to gather.  This naturally happens throughout the day, when bangs start to look stringy.  Use the comb, boom.  Back to fresh fringe.
  • Roller – My hair is curly, so in order to reduce the heat and keep my bangs straight I use this! It stays in place and helps you to not rely on a flat iron every time you need to restyle your bangs. Also, this roller adds volume.  I wash my bangs more often than the rest of my hair, so this is essential is keeping things less annoying.
  • Scissors – are you brave enough to cut your own bangs? My hairdresser is the bomb and she gives me free bang trims, but, there have been times where I have attempted this on my own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. And by that I mean they are uneven and short. The good thing about bangs is they’ll grow fast.  But even if you just have to cut a TINY bit off to just hold you over, these are good to have on hand.




Something else to help keep the bangs looking good is baby powder…I know.  Let me explain.  Just put a little bit on a comb (see below) and tap it off on the root of your bangs.  Brush this through and it will immediately freshen up.  I do this on a day that I don’t have time or forget to wash my bangs.




Share your tips below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

Trip Recap: Kauai

Sometimes a weekend away is just what the doctor ordered.  All packed and ready to go, I head to the airport.  The check-in took more time than the flight!  The flight was about 25 minutes, just enough time to drink some POG.  Then, all of the sudden the plane lands on Kauai.

The island is small with a population of just over 65,000 people.  The mountains are incredible.  They are everywhere you look, framing each view.

We had been to Kauai before, but that doesn’t mean the magic was lost on us. I did things this trip we hadn’t done before, so that was lovely.  There is so much to see for such an itty bitty island!

Here are some highlights:

  • Waimea Canyon  – Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  It spans about 10 miles and the elevation reaches 3,000 feet.  The road is paved with lots of view points on the drive up and down.  It really puts into perspective how small we are!
  • Caves – there are several caves here, both wt and dry.  You can actually walk in the dry caves!
  • Lumahai Beach –  this was our favorite spot.  We stopped here on day one, but we liked it so much we went back the whole afternoon on the next day.  It is so unique because the river water from the mountains comes down and meets the ocean.  You look one way, river.  You turn the other, teal ocean water.  Was truly incredible.
  • Kauai Coffee Company –  we stopped at this farm on our drive around.  They offer tons of free samples and a self-guided coffee tour.
  • Wailua Falls – A simple drive up, then boom!  Huge waterfall.  There is a rope you can hike down to swim in the pool, but we opted to view from the top.

Oh, and get this.  On our last night, we were eating dinner by the ocean and we saw whales breaching!  It was the perfect ending to our trip.

All in all, we had a great vacation.  Enjoyed every minute.  Loved every bite.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

Top 10 of 2015: Beauty

Drum Roll Please!

You know, to be honest, this wasn’t too hard for me! When I started thinking of items that I found and/or fell in love with in 2015, I pretty much knew right away what they were going to be. I tried to stick to items that are NOT holy grail items for me (Benefit they’re real, MAC painterly paint pot, etc.), so just wanted to mention that before we get into it. Also, I wanted to stick to a top ten and not go by category to be concise and really hone in on what I was loving.

Let’s do this!


In no particular order, by the way, number 1 is It Cosmetics Radiance Ombre Blush. The perfect pink blush, plus I have a lovely memory of buying this on a shopping day with my mom. Bonus! We each got one and I think of her every time I use this. I use this a LOT and there isn’t even a dent. Lovely blush.

Next we have a product that I’ve heard about for a while and just got this year. The Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder is a beautiful setting powder that brightens up the inner eyes without giving that SUPER under eye Kim K look, which I do not like. This keeps it normal and classic.

In third, the ever popular, Champagne Pop! This was the first highlighter I ever purchased and the first Becca product I’ve purchased. I use this often…you can’t go wrong with it. Bonus: I also use this as an all over eye shadow or inner corner highlight.

The next favorite is a combo, because they go together. Now, this is a holy grail of mine, but I used them a lot in 2015 and I wanted to throw it in here. They are the best. Ardell 120 lashes and Duo glue, the one with the brush. These lashes are great as a full strip lash OR you can cut them up into two or three smaller strips to place on the outer corners. They are fluffy, not too wild and just too pretty.


Halfway! At five we have MAC bronzer. Now mine is in the limited edition packaging, but you can still get this at MAC in the normal packaging. This bronzer is blendable, buildable and warms up the skin. As a fair girl, I like how there is not crazy pigmentation, so I can build it up as I want.

THIS MASCARA!   Covergirl Clump Crusher is just so good and the price is so right. No clumps, easy to apply, doesn’t run, doesn’t smell weird (you know what I mean). A true staple to any makeup bag.

My number seven was hit or miss out here in review-land. I got this last year on my birthday and honestly, I reach for it more than any other foundation brush. I personally see great results and love how it works for foundation and concealer. Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush, you are loved in this house!

EIGHT! MAC Dazzleglass Shadows…Sparkle all day long, my friends. This shadow is SO AMAZING! Now, this came out with a limited collection, but you can get some shadows still on the website. They are the darker ones, most likely did not sell as well because of that reason. They are so special, so unique. I can truly say that I have nothing like these sparklers in my collection.


These last two I am going to mention truly were my top two of the year. These products gave me confidence, excitement and products that I have purchased for friends because I wanted to share the joy.


I love Kat Von D’s line, she kills it. This palette is just no joke. You can do anything with this! I almost don’t know what to say about it, that is how much I love it. Where can I start to explain that! LOL – I am so dramatic.

We made it! Number 10, here we are. Ok, so lippies are fun for me. I love experimenting with all colors and formulas. So this year when Liquid Lips came on the scene, where do I sign? They last all day and really finish off the look in a worry-free way. I mean, nothing will every replace MAC Rebel or Rubi Woo Lipstick, but these are pretty damn amazing. Makes me wonder what took so long for someone to think of doing this, considering how high maintenance a lipstick can be. My top three brands are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Kat Von D. I cannot pick a top color. NOPE!


Bonus: I didn’t want to put this in my top ten because it is no longer available. The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Brushes was a favorite of mine.   I really love the mix of oranges, neutrals, purples and even that green. So, behold an honorable mention!

There we have it!  Here is to another great year!

What were all of you loving?!  Share below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

New Year, New…Me?

Happy New Year!!!

2016, WOW!  How’d that happen?

I haven’t posted much, I was enjoying the holidays a wee bit too much!  Plus my work is in a peak season, so PHEW it has been busy.  Hoping to get my 2015 favorites up soon, just took the photos.  Need to edit and write this weekend.

So let’s get real about the holidays. I see a peppermint mocha…I drink it.  I have a friend that is an INCREDIBLE cook/baker so when she offers…I take it.  My sweet tooth is another level.  I have troubles with portion control.  Now I do work out 3-4 times a week (typically), but I need to get back on track, totally.  Need to stop over eating and work out more than I am.

I found this youtuber a while ago, she used to do all beauty videos.  She then morphed into beauty/lifestyle.  Then, she started focusing on fitness and overall wellness.  I have followed her for a LONG time and finally decided to join her community.  Her name is Abby Esbenshade and she started a business called 3S Fitness where she offers meal plans and work out plans.  I watched a video of hers that she posted recently that really spoke to me and I had to join.  She’s (always been) passionate, smart, energetic and all around motivating.

I am not looking to be skinny-minny, I am actually happy with myself!  I think that is the problem.  Since I live on cloud nine most of the time (I realize that this is good and bad, lol), I don’t notice when I need to drop some lbs.  I have done different things here and there that work (loved the 21-day fix, for example), but can never stick with it.

So here I am!

I am so EXCITED to work with her and see what she can offer me. If her program is anywhere near as infectious as she is.. .This is gonna be fun!

(insert Rocky theme and shadow boxing here)

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 2.18.07 PM.png