Review: Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil


The never-ending search for the best eyebrow products in the game continues…

On this episode, we are taking about a $13 Sephora brow pencil. There is a wide color range for this, 7 to be exact. It is always nice seeing that there are so many options for a brow color. Also, this is a mechanical pencil, so no sharpener needed.


Look how thin that is! You can really get in there with this fine tip. I have full brows, but can imagine that if you didn’t you could draw them in pretty well with short strokes using this pencil.


Waterproof! Especially on hot days, can we say, “hallelujah!” I did notice that this stayed on, granted I wasn’t swimming or anything, but it didn’t melt off.


But seriously? What is the deal with that comb? I know it is all preference with stuff like this, but that comb is terrible. It hurts as you comb through your brows. It actually leaves me red (granted I am prone to turn red due to my fair skin). I just wish they would have something with a spooley on it instead.

Not my favorite, but not the worst. That comb on the end is almost a deal breaker for me. Is that dramatic?

Do you like this pencil? Share your top brow pencil below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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