Story Time: How I Found a Decent $2 Mascara

This is a horror story about that time I left my house without mascara on and found a hidden gem at the drugstore. I had a full face on: foundation, neutral eyes, cream cup by MAC on the lips, then when I get in the car I realized I forgot to apply mascara!   Now, I realize this is not really a big deal…it is just mascara. But I like mascara; it makes the eyes look complete and flirty. Typically I keep a small mascara in my purse, but for whatever reason I didn’t have one on this particular day.

I was going to be out all day doing various things. The first chance I had to stop in the drugstore was after lunch. I was in the cosmetic section of Long’s (drugstore) and there are so many good mascaras; The rocket by Maybelline, ClumpCrusher by covergirl, list goes on. Then I saw this $2 ELF mascara… I thought…ok…whatcha got, ELF?!


I got in the car after purchasing it and put it on. Was impressed! Reminded me of the rocket, as it has a similar brush.


This mascara claims to add volume and define. Now, I did have to build this up. So there is that. Plus, this has a really flexible brush. I didn’t like that. But I was in a pinch and saved about $10 by not buying L’oreal Telescopic, so I figured that wasn’t a huge deal. After applying several coats, this mascara didn’t clump and it lasted all day with no smudging.

So first impressions on this were pretty good. The fact this was so cheap is playing a big role here! I mean, Doritos cost more than that!

What are some hidden gems you’ve found in a pinch?


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