Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Look 3: Colorful Concert Challenge

Concert night! I brought this palette to my husband and asked him to pick a color. He picked three colors that he didn’t think would go together. It ended up really cool!

Challenge accepted!


**Update: as I am posting my review, I notice that this actually looks similar to the Dark Wave (left) look on the face chart. I’m telling you, this palette and I were meant to be.**


How I got this look:


  • Prime!
  • Using a big fluffy brush, apply Moulder all over the lid up to brow.
  • Using a MAC 217, or something similar, apply Noble to crease. I went back several times to be sure this was really deep.
  • Using the same 217, pick up Analogue and apply to crease. Be sure to pat this in the outer V as well, blending it all together. Blend, blend, blend.
  • Use a shadow brush and apply Fran to the inner half of the eye. Go back and forth between the orange and yellow to be sure these are blended nicely.
  • Deepen up the crease by adding Vox then using Analogue to sweep in crease.
  • …yes, lots of blending…
  • Line waterlines, tight line, add wing (if desired).
  • For bottom lash line, place brown liner across outer two thirds. Pick up small blender brush with Lemmy and smoke that out.
  • I then sprayed fix+ on a liner brush and when back to stamp in more Lemmy. I wanted this green to POP. Let it dry and then use that same small blender brush to smoke out.
  • Highlight the inner most part of the eye with Legend.
  • Mascara.
  • Done!




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