Review: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Here’s a glimpse into how amazing this foundation is. I was recently home on trip visiting friends and family. I was doing my makeup downstairs so I could get ready and visit with my mom, trying to maximize on quality time! After I applied this foundation my mom says to me, “Wow, what did you just add to your face? Your skin looks so even, so perfect!”



Now, yes, this foundation is a little pricey. But you are paying for instant, feel-good results. You can apply this in a nice thin layer for a really natural look or you can build this up to a full coverage look.

Also, this foundation lasts all day, even in the hot summer. Yes, set it with powder. Yes, finish with a setting spray. But if you apply properly and prep your face for the day ahead of you, you won’t be disappointed.

They recently reformulated this foundation, but all of the old colors are still there so you can find your match with ease. They also added more shades, 40 to be exact. Besides the improved shade range, the formula itself seems really good, just as good as the original. So no worries there!

I received a deluxe sample size of the new formula, picture below.


I wear the shade 117 = Y225 Marble. Swatch below.  Luckily, there was an exact match for my new shade.


Do you use this foundation? What do you think?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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