PSL: Pumpkin Spice Life

Growing up in the northeast, I have a grand love affair with autumn time. Apple picking followed by a day filled with baking all varieties of apple treats, the smell of the air, the leaves changing into a beautiful mixture of colors…it will forever be something that I miss desperately about living in Hawaii.

Side note- did you do the fall favorites tag yet?  Check mine out here.  Share yours in the comments below!

Oh, one more thing about the fall – PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Lattes, pie (I make a mean pumpkin pie), beer, soup – it is all incredible. Every year when late September comes about, I break down and order a pumpkin spice latte; and every year I think to myself, “nope…still doesn’t taste the same.”

Ah, the little things we don’t get in paradise, like seasons.


I am a New England gal, so I will never give up on that pumpkin spice life. Thankfully I have friends that mail me leaves so I don’t totally miss out.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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