M.A.C Dazzleglass Shadow

 The iridescence had me at hello. The glitter then put me in a trance. And before I knew it…IT WAS MINE!

DSC_0216I can’t. I just can’t. There’s just too much glitter to be had with these and these are almost too pretty to use!


When I purchased these, the sales woman told me to use fix + or at least a primer.  When I have used this, I only wore with fix +, but  in the pic below you can see the swatch with no primer or fix + is on the top.  The bottom two are swatches with primer or fix +.

DSC_0220These shadows are just so cool. The color shifting properties add so much depth! They were a little pricey ($20 each), but they are so unique.

**And, all apologies.  These are no longer available from M.A.C.**

Did you pick up any of these shadows? What do you think?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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