Top Three Lip Glosses

   Right now matte lipsticks seem to be the hot item. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good matte lipstick, but can we talk about lip gloss? There is something so flirty and so fresh about wearing a nice, shiny lip gloss…even if your hair gets stuck in it sometimes!

So, here are my top three.


NARS Orgasm – This is a peachy pink gloss with gold micro glitters. PHEW! This gloss is so beautiful. It is a little pricey though, costing $26. There is no scent that I noticed and, while it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t seem too sticky. If your looking for a high end gloss, give this one a look.


NYX Butter Gloss Crème Brulee – Honestly, all of these NYX butter glosses are so good! They smell AMAZING, almost like a vanilla cake. They are about $5 and can be found at drugstores and Ulta, is super convenient.


M.A.C Viva Glam V – This has been my favorite lip gloss for YEARS. It is a neutral pink with micro glitters to add dimension. Some complain these M.A.C lip glasses are sticky, but it doesn’t bother me… it’s a gloss! So, when I went to find the link for this gloss I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know if they have discontinued this? SO SAD! However, this is a great gloss in all colors. I also love Prrr, Underage and Oyster Girl.





Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss – I just recently got this for my birthday. How did I not know about this! There are a wide range of colors and this nonstick formula last and lasts.  This formula is really becoming a favorite.

What are you tried and true lip glosses? Share below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love


Dry Shampoo

The struggle to find the perfect dry shampoo that doesn’t feel heavy or have a Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.19.42 AMsmell that nauseates you all day. It’s endless.

Let me just say that I’ve heard great reviews for expensive dry shampoo, like the Amika one, for example. But I can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a dry shampoo. Elizabeth and James also just came out with one and guess what? It is getting RAVE reviews and it is, wait for it, $28! There has to be a cheaper alternative!

 Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.19.34 AM

Dry shampoo is the best invention to date. Ok, well maybe electricity is better. And the iPhone. So maybe it is not even close to the best, but can we all agree that it is pretty cool? When you find a good dry shampoo, it is great. Freshens up the hair, makes it look like day one. Spray it on dry hair, let is sit for a minute, shake/brush out. Done and sold.

I have tried many that were just ok. The most common problem I have with dry shampoos: the scent! Some are so perfumey, have you noticed that? Take the dove one for example. It works well, gives a mild white cast (that you can brush out), but that smell is so strong. Or, what about the Herbal Essence one? Made my hair feel really dry, yet really greasy at the same time. Odd, I know.

Sometimes I just use baby powder. No, really.

With that said, my go-to is Batiste.  You can get is on sale for the most part and get find this at the drugstore. Full price it’s about $8, not too bad. Plus, they offer a variety of scents and tinted versions! That is the best for someone with dark hair, so you can avoid that white cast. I have heard from some people who have thin hair that this was too heavy for them, so keep that in mind depending on your hair type. I have thick, wavy hair and this works like a charm. I have repurchase time and time again.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.27.35 AMI still am on the hunt, though.

What are your favorites? Share!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

Sephora Birthday Gift (US)

One of the perks for being part of Sephora’s rewards program (which is free to join, by the way) is that every year you get a birthday gift! This year way amazing!

DSC_0252One year bolder, indeed!


This year, our gift was from NARS.  Two deluxe sample sizes of some lippies!  There is a neutral pink and a beautiful brick red.  Was this the best sephora birthday gift yet?


Review: Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette

   Full disclosure: Sometimes I think about marrying this palette.

Trooper is one of the best liquid eyeliners on the market, no? Turns out, a lot of the products from Kat Von D’s cosmetic range (offered only at Sephora) are pretty kick-ass. Besides trooper, the studded lipsticks are amazing, so are the long wear lipsticks. The bronzers are good, so are the eye shadows.

Besides her cosmetic line being great, I’ve always been a huge fan of Kat Von D. She’s a down to earth, stand up for what she believes in and she’s really gorgeous. The shade & light contour kit for the face came out first –> SLAM DUNK! This quickly became a cult favorite. I don’t own this, but when she released this eye palette I knew it was going to be for me.


KVD is best known for her skill in portrait tattoos and she said this of her palette, “The true inspiration behind the Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette comes from all these years of trying to understand the usage of shadows and light within the portraits I draw.”


The Palette can be seen as three quads: neutral, cool and warm. While they are separated as such, you can obviously mix and match. All of the shades are matte as well, so there is so much room to play with your eye shape or how you want to smoke out any look.


DSC_0878Close up of Pans

DSC_0923Swatches (no primer)


DSC_0879Close up of Pans

DSC_0916Swatches (no primer)


DSC_0880Close up of Pans

DSC_0920Swatches (no primer)

So yes, if you want to add sparkle to the inner corner of your eye, your going to need to grab a different shadow. But that isn’t an issue when the quality and variety is so on point. And the packaging… Wow, right?


This range offers every shade possible from taupe, white, banana, peach, rust, black and brown. I use these over painterly paint pot (as I always use for my primer) and have never experienced anything other than long-wear bliss.

This palette can work for anyone, doing any eye look, on any day. Here is a really dramatic look I did.

It’s worth it. Period.


Do you own this palette? Are you obsessed with it?  I have had mine for months and I still use it daily.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

Book Review: A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 7.44.40 PM

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” – Cersei Lannister

I tried to read this book many years ago and to be honest it was hard for me to follow. There were so many characters, so many story lines and so many villages. I had trouble keeping it straight. Then my husband and I started watching the TV Show that airs on HBO. My thoughts were that after seeing the characters and having a visual for them and where they live, that it would help with the book. I picked up the book again.

Yep! It helped a lot!

Now, the book is pretty darn close to how the show is. It doesn’t stray too much. With that being said, boy, this is a fantastic read. It’s like lord of the rings, pumped up to the next level. There are dragons, drama, magic and more. I was already attached to the characters from the show, but reading the book I found myself even more so. The book offers the most interesting look into the thoughts of the characters. Take Jon Snow, for example. In the book we get a glimpse into his inner dialogue, his everyday thoughts. The show can only capture so much of that. And Dany! We are brought into the deep love she grows for her Kahl.

If the length intimidates you, just remember that it is an easy read. It’s not like your reading Shakespeare or Dostoevsky! This is a fun, heavy, dark, whimsical, crazy adventure story that will keep you entertained. I can honestly say there was no part of the book that felt like a lull I needed to push through.

Have you read this book? Did you like it?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

Review: Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Here’s a glimpse into how amazing this foundation is. I was recently home on trip visiting friends and family. I was doing my makeup downstairs so I could get ready and visit with my mom, trying to maximize on quality time! After I applied this foundation my mom says to me, “Wow, what did you just add to your face? Your skin looks so even, so perfect!”



Now, yes, this foundation is a little pricey. But you are paying for instant, feel-good results. You can apply this in a nice thin layer for a really natural look or you can build this up to a full coverage look.

Also, this foundation lasts all day, even in the hot summer. Yes, set it with powder. Yes, finish with a setting spray. But if you apply properly and prep your face for the day ahead of you, you won’t be disappointed.

They recently reformulated this foundation, but all of the old colors are still there so you can find your match with ease. They also added more shades, 40 to be exact. Besides the improved shade range, the formula itself seems really good, just as good as the original. So no worries there!

I received a deluxe sample size of the new formula, picture below.


I wear the shade 117 = Y225 Marble. Swatch below.  Luckily, there was an exact match for my new shade.


Do you use this foundation? What do you think?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

PSL: Pumpkin Spice Life

Growing up in the northeast, I have a grand love affair with autumn time. Apple picking followed by a day filled with baking all varieties of apple treats, the smell of the air, the leaves changing into a beautiful mixture of colors…it will forever be something that I miss desperately about living in Hawaii.

Side note- did you do the fall favorites tag yet?  Check mine out here.  Share yours in the comments below!

Oh, one more thing about the fall – PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Lattes, pie (I make a mean pumpkin pie), beer, soup – it is all incredible. Every year when late September comes about, I break down and order a pumpkin spice latte; and every year I think to myself, “nope…still doesn’t taste the same.”

Ah, the little things we don’t get in paradise, like seasons.


I am a New England gal, so I will never give up on that pumpkin spice life. Thankfully I have friends that mail me leaves so I don’t totally miss out.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.