Review: Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Before I got interested in makeup I thought there was one type of blush: pink.

Boy, was I wrong. That is like saying all your black shoes are the same. Not the case! I was always hesitant on blush because I have fair skin and I also blush easily on my own. I figured why buy a product to enhance that. Then I learned about proper application and variety.


Step in Luminoso.

DSC_0095Yes, the packaging is a bit cheesy. It’s plastic gold and feels really cheap. If it makes you feel better, there is a mirror and brush included so that might make this break even in terms of packaging. Also, this is available at the drugstore and is about $5! Another plus.

DSC_0098This blush is a classic coral color. It has a hint of shimmer but nothing too chunky or obnoxious. Truth be told, if only like matte blushes you most likely will not like this.  Also, I did find this a bit powdery.  I had to blow away some of the product in the pan (you can see that in the first picture).  But, overall…another great drugstore find!

What’s our favorite drugstore blush?


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