21 Day Fix

It’s always something. It’s a vacation, stress, new job, weird work hours or hormones throwing you off and making you eat poorly. Seems like once you get a taste and in the habit of eating badly, it is harder to stop. Here I am feeling like I need to refresh my body and reset my nutrition.

My friend recommended this program, 21 day fix.  The background on this plan is the focus on portion control and clean eating. I am hesitant to say “diet” because really this is re-teaching you how to portion food properly and eat the right things. You figure out what bracket you are in and match up your food accordingly. You can google the infomercial, buy the supplies on amazon or search on pinterest. All the charts below can be found on my pinterest board. This pin was really helpful to get to know how much I can eat a day.

63644b335f6e8c838943a734e9c7abb8One thing to mention is that this is a vegetarian friendly plan. The proteins include veggie burgers, tofu and, if you eat them, eggs. I am always weary about eating plans since I am a vegetarian, but there are tons of options! Beans fall into a different category, but those are approved as well. See a sample list I found below (this one includes meat).

1b48116c0a2e5a43bcb7810575116286So that is that. Oh, and you can have coffee! Score! I drink coffee black anyway, but just leave out the sugar and cream. This plan really just focuses on eating the good and real stuff. There are a lot of foods to choose from and endless recipes on pinterest if you search. The plan is setup for success. You can swap for a glass of wine or a portion of chocolate covered raisins (which we found at Costco for $10!).

From what I have heard and read, it seems that the most important part of this eating plan is PREP. So, PREP! Went to Costco today to get approved bread, proteins, fruit and veggies. The rest of the items we will up at any local food store. Seemed to be a good idea to get lots of fruit and veggies in bulk since you can eat a lot of it, same with protein.

In addition to eating properly, the plan mentions to do their 30-minute workouts each day. Now, we won’t be doing the workouts they give but we are committing to workout at least 30 minutes a day, whether it be a run, blogilates videos on YouTube, Bikram, etc.

We had our last unapproved meal…crepes. It is one of our favorites.  This is also our first meal when we are done with our 21 days!


I’ll post a blog once the 21 days is up explaining how it went. Have you tried this eating plan? Did you like it?  Share tips and recipes!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


2 thoughts on “21 Day Fix

  1. Hi Johanna~

    This is so great! And I always love how you’ve researched and tested to give the whole process and your honest take on things. I’ve been trying to do better, too. Well, until that bagel and cream cheese this morning…Back to it tomorrow! Lots of fruit in the house, had just picked up lots of great apples from the Farmers’ Market Saturday and made fresh peanut butter. And I also had some crepes recently, split some spinach/chicken/cheese and wild mushrooms w/Swiss with a friend…yum! Opted to ignore the dessert crepe menu…What kind did you have?

    Good luck with your ‘Fix,’ anxious to hear all about it. Take care and stay away from those crazy storms!

    Love, Ciao & Meow, ~Aunt Lorraine


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    1. Fresh peanut butter, yum! That sounds good! My crepe had eggs, spinach and cheese. Rob’s was brie, apples, cinnamon, macadamia nut and honey. This time we skipped the sweet crepes. Although, I am tempted to say….those are the best kinds! It’s hard to eat well. Takes thought and prep, that’s for sure. Love you!


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