Current Favorite K-Cups

Not sure where you stand on coffee. For me… I love it. I love the ritual of it, the smell of it. Also, waking up really early for work I rely on it to put some pep in my step. For the longest time I was a French Press kinda gal, but a few years ago we splurged on a Keurig. Best thing we’ve done! Here are my favorite k-cups at the moment.


  1. Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla – the vanilla is not too sweet. This coffee is so delightful; it feels like a treat.
  2. Honolulu Coffee Company Kona – my dear husband got this for me as a surprise! It is delicious! The richness of the Kona coffee is great. I usually drink coffee black and brews like this remind me why.
  3. Donut Shop Coffee – this is just a normal, basic coffee brew. A classic for sure!

Also, depending on what version of a Keurig you have, you might need to use this trick I found online to make the k-cups with out the white border (like the Kona blend above) to work in your system.

What k-cups do you love?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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