Finishing Sprays

What does 97% humidity feel like, you ask? AWFUL. STICKY. UNBEARABLE.

In Hawaii, it has been hot. That kind of hot where there are no winds and the humidity is paralyzing. The kind of hot where it’s hard to breathe. The kind of hot where your makeup, if you put any on, feels like it will melt right off.

DSC_0203So, when wearing make-up, I have been relying on finishing sprays. Not only do they refresh the skin, giving a cooling sensation, but also they seal your face on. Here are my two favorites.


Fix +  DSC_0205

  • The spray on the bottle is really fine, no water beads will be left behind.
  • The smell…THE SMELL. How can one describe this smell? The website says, “blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber.” That doesn’t help but if you have never tried this and are near a counter, give a whiff.
  • This is multi-functional, too. Not only is it a finishing spray, but it also can be used to foil an eye shadow. You can also use this to apply a black shadow in a more liquid form in a pinch. Also, this spray can fix your face if you went a little overboard with the powder, as it almost blends for you. You could also just spray this on your face to add some vitamins and pizzazz to your face.  Brilliant stuff.
  • You can buy this in a travel size, so keep one in your bag! Perfect if you need a refresher mid-day or mid-flight.

Urban Decay

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


  • While this spray has no noticeable scent, the name of the product is true. This will lock in makeup ALL DAY. That is the main use for this spray, to lock and load your face for the rest of the day. Check and check!
  • They also make a travel size of this product.

What’s your favorite setting spray?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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