Vacation Recap!

Every year, my husband and I take a trip back to the east coast to visit our family and friends. We are originally from there, so we save our time off and take it all at once to maximize on our time there. Now, I had every intention of posting regularly, but visiting and catching up took priority and I kind of lost the habit of posting on my schedule. No regrets, we had such a great trip.

Living far away is hard. No matter how long you live far away, it never gets easier. But it has taught me to be more thankful for the people in my life than I could ever imagine. Smelling my grandma’s house, seeing my mom smile, effortlessly laughing with my girlfriends and hearing my mother-in-law tell stories of my husband as a child.

Going home makes me feel so full. Getting to visit with family and seeing our friends who are like family. Getting to see the children of our close friends… and their pets! It’s all so special.

Absolutely priceless.

Stuff like, spending days on the river with my oldest friend drinking watermelon beer joking about what we would do if we saw a bear.


…Followed by a night of dinner with her family, which is like my family, playing cards against humanity until wee hours of the morning while watching her interact with her boyfriend thinking to myself how perfect they are together.


Going to our favorite falafel place to get lunch every chance we get.


Going to the shore with my girlfriends to shop, eat and drink. It’s like the sunset was painted just for us that night, helping me to cherish every second with them.


Even simple things like calling my mom to meet for a bagel and coffee.


Wow. I am one lucky girl.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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