Why I Stopped Exfoliating My Lips

No, I am not a dermatologist.  Not even close.  This is just my story and why I stopped doing this.

As mentioned in the past I love lipstick of all shades and finishes. I read somewhere about how it was good to exfoliate your lips several times a week.

Before I go on, let me explain my lip type. I use chapstick often, but my lips are not really dry. I do not struggle with flaky lips unless I am sick or struggling with the cold (which to be honest is rare since I live on a tropical island). I have other skin issues, but I am lucky to say that flaky, dry lips is not one of them.

With that being said, I read how exfoliating the lips can be a good habit for anyone and, honestly, I didn’t do my own research to validate this. So…I got some lip exfoliators. I tried one from lush and one from E.L.F (picture below). DSC_0057The point of these exfoliators is to scrub the skin off leaving with fresh new layer.  In the picture below, note the texture.  It is rough, these both use sugar (I believe). The E.L.F one has great packaging, making the application easy.  The Lush one, you have to use your finger to pull product out of the pot to apply.


But what you don’t realize is how dependent on this routine you will be. At least with my experience, I noticed that after using these products for a few months I was experiencing dry and chapped lips like never in my life. If I missed a day or two, my lips would burn.  They were flake, painful and did not look good. Once I made the connection that it could be the exfoliating causing the recent problem in my lips…I stopped immediately. It took months for my lips to recover, but I will never use them again.

I found this article called, “the do’s and don’ts of exfoliating your body.” Here is what is said about why you shouldn’t exfoliate your lips:

“Step away from exfoliating lip products. As a mucus membrane, lips only have a thin top layer of skin cells that is naturally smooth and sensitive. “Exfoliating causes damage and chapped lips, even if using a physical exfoliant like a toothbrush. Instead, stick to lip sunscreens and moisturizers,” Dr. Schultz says.”

Just goes to show, that not everything is for everyone.

Do you exfoliate your lips?   Share your story below!

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


4 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Exfoliating My Lips

  1. I don’t – and I probably won’t after reading this 😉 it makes sense! kiehl’s makes amazing lip balms 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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  2. This is great, thanks for doing the research! (I have never even thought to exfoliate my lips, incredible how the marketing of an unnecessary product/food can be so harmful to you)


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