Best Gel Eyeliner Brush Ever…$3?!

Once upon a time I feel into the black hole commonly referred to as Target. I was in the cosmetics department checking out the ELF stuff. I needed a new black gel liner and saw they made one for super cheap, in pure ELF fashion. I figured it could be one of those hits from ELF and if it turned out to be a miss, no biggie…it was only $3!


Let just say that I am on my second container of this stuff, it is REAL good. But that is not what this post is about. It came with a brush…that brush!
When you buy an ELF gel liner you get a mini little brush in the box. This brush is perfect. The density allows for the perfect thickness and gives room to build up or leave thin. The angle of the brush fits so nicely on the eye area and also gives such nice precision when sculpting your wing (if you are making one).

If you ever get this eyeliner, keep the brush! It is so great. 
PSA out.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


One thought on “Best Gel Eyeliner Brush Ever…$3?!

  1. Looks so good working! Do you maybe know another shop where I can buy it? because we don’t have Target here.
    Could you also take a look at my blog, and follow it if you like it?I love your blog btw! 🙂


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