Best Face Mask for Dry Skin


Oatifix is about to make your day. Twist open the cap of this fresh face mask by lush and be blown away by the scent of fresh bananas. This mask is made primarily of bananas and oatmeal, you can smell it already…right!?

DSC_0040This mask is only sold in stores, you can find if you have one near you here. I am fortunate enough to have one in my local mall and I pick this mask up often. These are fresh, so there is an expiration date. Also, these must be kept in the refrigerator.  But as soon as you put this on you can feel your skin soaking it up. For my fellow dry skin peeps out there, give this a shot!

IMG_7417Honestly, I pick up a new one as soon as I finish my open one. Save these tubs once you finish them, you can get free mask!

What is your favorite face mask?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.   DSC_0041


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