Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills: Liquid Lipstick

  FullSizeRender-4 When I first heard of these liquid lipsticks from ABH, I was only really interested in one color: sad girl. The name, the color…perfection. It is like a plum color with pink micro glitter. My husband surprised me with this and I was in love! The formula was so nice that I bought more. It totally blew me away. I recently mentioned the red (shown below), American doll, in my May favorites.


I got my lipsticks at Macy’s and they retail for $20. There is a wide range of colors: pinks, corals, reds, vamp. They got everything covered with this line.

IMG_7596From top to bottom: lovely, craft, sad girl and American doll


  • This applies as a more thin liquid. The dry time is not too fast, so you really have time to draw it on and perfect it before it dries and doesn’t move.
  • These are truly long wearing. If you eat a full dinner, you might need a touch up but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.
  • Comfort! Because the formula is so thin it dries so lightweight that you will completely forget you have this on.
  • Packaging. It is just so feminine and pretty.
  • They stain.


  • As mentioned above, you will need to touch up after a messier meal. For example, you eat a big ‘ole burger you will definitely need to touch up.
  • They stain. This is a pro and con, the reason being that if you slip and draw outside the line your skin will stain.


I could go on and on about my love for these. Have you guys tried these?

 Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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