Subscriptions: Stitch Fix June 2015

If I am being really honest with you, I had every intention to reschedule this fix. But then life happens and I forgot until I got an email saying it was on its way.   If you are looking for details on what Stitch Fix is check out my last Stitch Fix blog here. IMG_7948As always, everything is wrapped up tight and packaged beautifully. IMG_8162

Let’s get into it!

Gilli, Mitchel Maxi Dress, light green – $78.00. I opened this dress and unfolded it and thought this was going to be a keeper. The fabric is so soft and the fit is so nice.   And the colors…the COLORS! Gorgeous. However, the issue for me lies on the back of the dress. While I think this is cute on others, the open slit in the back doesn’t work for me. I have a large tattoo and it doesn’t look right nor do I feel comfortable in this open back style. I am so sad to say that unfortunately this is not a keeper.

IMG_8157 IMG_8155 IMG_8074 FullSizeRender 2 copy Market & Spruce, Corinna Striped Dolman Top, navy – $48.00. I have seen a lot of people get this top in their fixes and I really like it. The color is a nice navy and it seems high quality. The fabric is a tad thick for Hawaii, but could be nice on cooler nights. This is a maybe.


IMG_8153 IMG_8036Market & Spruce, Bexley Smocked Henley Knit Top, coral – $48.00. This is a pretty basic tank, something you could find at target. It is a cute tank though, can wear with just about anything. As you can see the top of the back has a scrunch to it, adding some cute detail. I am going to pass on this one and it just seems like the kind of shirt I could grab anywhere.


IMG_8016Kut From the Kloth, Corynne Distressed Boyfriend Short, navy – $68.00. I really love these shorts; my only issue with them is the price. The fit is just as nice as the jeans and they are comfortable. This is a maybe.


IMG_8154 IMG_7977Papermoon, Jannit Lace Back Knit Top, off-white – $38.00. This is a really odd shirt. The front is almost a mesh like sweater material and the back has a doily like lace detail. I am curvy and this top is a bit boxy for my shape so this is not a keeper.

IMG_8156IMG_8152IMG_7958IMG_8005So what did I keep?  Just the Dolman Top.  I really don’t love anything, but if I don’t keep something I lose my $20 styling fee.

Here is my referral link. *Disclaimer: If you refer someone, you get a $25 credit with the company.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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