Anatomy of a Cat Eye

You can do this. And I will teach you how in four easy steps. I am using Stila Stay All Day liquid liner but you can use any liquid or gel liner for this technique. You can get a perfect wing every time and with enough practice you might not need to hold your breath (does anyone else do that when applying liquid liner????).


  1. Find the invisible line that connects your lower lash line to the tail of your brow. If you are applying this after shadow you can follow the crease line, where it ends. This is your guide! Take your liner and when you are done with your pep talk draw a line from the lower lash line up to the end of your brow.
  2. From the top of that line, make a triangle connecting to the middle of your lid. You can end that line wherever you want, make this small or large depending on your mood.
  3. Fill in the triangle you just made to make this solid color.
  4. For this step you can make a line along you lashes to the inner corner or just leave as is. I don’t like a heavy line on the inside of my eyes because I like to put focus on my eyes. But everyone has a diff eye shape, so do you!

 So that is it! If your line isn’t sharp you can always go back w a q-tip and some eye makeup remover and clean up the edge by using one steady stroke from the lower lash line to the brow. You can make this wing as exaggerated or small as you want. But either way, the technique will always work.  See the picture below where I used a green gel liner.  See?  You can use anything with this technique.


What are your cat eye tricks?

 Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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