Monthly Favorites: May 2015

Hi Friends! Back again with a new round up of favorites!  Let’s jump right in.


IMG_7795 Close up of gel liner to show color better:


  • M.A.C Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in Ivy – I bought this because I needed something a little more to get free shipping on Macy’s! You know you do it too. I thought the green would be nice to make my eyes pop. This is a nice gel eyeliner and it is just as smooth and long wearing as the other colors. Review on the schedule and will be up soon!
  • Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation in 810- this is a nice full coverage foundation that lasts and lasts. I used this a lot this month, as we were busy with parties, graduations, birthdays, etc.
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy – I stopped using lip exfoliators and my lips have had a hard time repairing themselves. So this has been a good tool for me to aid in that process. It doesn’t burn and really just feels like it is hydrating and repairing the damage the lip exfoliators caused.


IMG_7800Wearing it here:


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in American Doll – LOVE THIS RED. I like these lipsticks in general, but this red is boss. It is a classic, go-to and matches with anything red. I can honestly tell you that every time I wear this someone asks me what red I am wearing.  Even my husband noticed that when I wear this people ask me a lot…if your man notices you know it’s legit!

Household Item:

IMG_7792 LYCHEE (and Mangoes) – This is food so I consider it an household item. It is lychee and mango season, boy oh boy are they in full bloom! They are so fresh and tasty. Get some while they are still in season!

Media (book/TV/film):

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 3.37.24 PMPhoto Credit

  • Mad Men… We will miss you!!!! The finale was good but I wasn’t really blown away. Not that I was expecting the type of closure Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy gave, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied. With that said, I did enjoy the show overall and for commemoration I thought best to put it in my favorites.  I will miss it, for sure.
  • Spotify – all day, every day. There is so much variety and that is what I like about it. There are great playlists for work, cardio, chilling out, everything! I don’t know why it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon.



  • Lululemon headband – I take spin classes once a week and my frizzy hair gets everywhere so this is a must for my gym bag. There is nothing worse then having your hair stick to you face during a workout session. This headband truly does not slip off my head. And it doesn’t give you that headband headache that I am sure you are familiar with. Worth every penny.
  • Cole Haan Julianna 75 Pumps – I’ll give it to you straight. No break in time, comfortable as hell, classy as hell. What did I say about the headband? Oh yea, worth every penny. If you are interested in these, try to get them on a sale at Macy’s! I got mine for 25% off.

What were you loving this month? Share below!


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