M.A.C Wash and Dry Collection

Check out my review of the new MAC collection!

A JoJo's Tale

DSC_0882One moment…I’m just going crazy over some packaging right now…

DSC_0879Ok, I am back. WOW. This collection is hot, hot, hot! I was able to get my hands one some of the items from this collection, check it out. Like normal this is selling out so fast so I wanted to make sure to get this blog up as soon as I got it in the mail.


Hipness ($24.50)

DSC_0893This is a nice pink color for spring. Be careful, this is pigmented. I am very fair, so at first it went on a bit too bright and I had to fix it! This is truly a beautiful classic pink. I would say this is in my top two of products purchased from this collection.


Matte Bronze($27.50)

DSC_0891To be honest, I was hesitant to buy this. It got a lot bad reviews! Honestly, I love it. This will be…

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