M.A.C Wash and Dry Collection


One moment…I’m just going crazy over some packaging right now…

DSC_0879 copy

Ok, I am back. WOW. This collection is hot, hot, hot! I was able to get my hands one some of the items from this collection, check it out. Like normal this is selling out so fast so I wanted to make sure to get this blog up as soon as I got it in the mail.



Hipness ($24.50)


This is a nice pink color for spring. Be careful, this is pigmented. I am very fair, so at first it went on a bit too bright and I had to fix it! This is truly a beautiful classic pink. I would say this is in my top two of products purchased from this collection.


Matte Bronze($27.50)


To be honest, I was hesitant to buy this. It got a lot bad reviews! Honestly, I love it. This will be a third in my top three. Ok, it is not crazy pigmented and that is what people were saying in reviews. For pale girls like me that is the best in a bronzer. This looks really dark in the pan but it applies light and looks natural on pale skin. You can build this up to a sun kissed look.  However, due to the not-so-pigmentedness (I made that term up, you’re welcome), if you have a deeper skin tone this most likely will not work for you.

Lip Products


Top: Lipglass Hot/Cold ($16.50)

This can we worn on its own or layered over another lipstick (like Steam Heat). This is such a nice gloss! Packs a lot of color to give you a beautifully glossy red lip! Pucker up, indeed!

 Middle: Lipstick Steam Heat ($17.50)

 A nice tomato red lipstick for summer. Honestly, I think anyone could wear this color. It is such a true red, but not as BOOM as some other reds out there. Classic. This is my other favorite.

 Bottom: Lipstick Tumble Dry ($17.50)

 Hm. This is a tough one for me. The color is a light coral, applied very smooth and lightly. You can apply thicker for more coverage or light for a lighter look. At first I didn’t like this, I don’t usually wear really light peach lips like this. BUT, this is a nice color if you like this look. At first I thought I would return this…but this could be a nice daytime color to add to a dewy look.


(Note: Both pictures below show face with bronzer and blush.)

 Shown with Tumble Dry lipstick


 Shown with Steam Heat lipstick and Hot/Cold overIMG_7649

Did you pick up anything from this collection?  Did you like it?  Overall, I am so pleased that I ordered stuff from this one.  I have passed on most of the limited editions lately from M.A.C, but this one is a total hit in my opinion.

Until next time, plant nothing but love.

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