Plan a “Me Day”

Opposed to what people think, living in Hawaii is not vacation all the time. We have work and other regular life duties just like everyone else!  Watch the first 5 minutes of The Descendents (with George Clooney) and he describes it perfectly.  The only difference is that vacation is a little more accessible here. See what I mean?

Life can get crazy sometimes.  Whether is work, school or children there are lots of reasons why we forget to put ourselves first. At least once in a while, remember to relax!
Today I took a day off. A day to relax and recuperate.  A me day!

First:  I took myself out to breakfast.  I went to my favorite crepe place.

IMG_7441Then, off to Target.  I got these slippers on sale for $9.00! And last, I went to the beach. Bring your book, sunglasses and beach chair.  These Hawaiian beaches can heal any problem.  

  And I am happy to report, I feel completely centered and rejuvenated. How do you spend a relaxing day?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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