Do you wear makeup to the gym?

I recently saw this article on Yahoo! Style about a beauty blogger known as “Huda Beauty.”  Her Instagram and blog are booming, the article really paints a picture of her lifestyle.  What I picked up most is how real this woman is (besides the fact that she is stunning), you feel like you could have a coffee with her.  The article also notes this as what drives her success: personality.  At the end of the article, she comments that she does wear makeup to the gym.

Why was this a headline?  Why did this make it to the Yahoo! homepage?  If putting on a little brow gel or eyeliner makes you feel better, why not wear it to the gym?  I agree that maybe wearing a full face with falsies might be overkill, but feeling confident can come from all places.  I also watched a video once where Cassey Ho (aka Blogilates) mentioned she wears a little makeup when she works out.  You might be working out after work, which means you will most likely have a little something on.

There are obvious reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym.  Nobody wants to have clogged pores, but a little bit never hurt anyone.

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Until next time, plant nothing but love.


7 thoughts on “Do you wear makeup to the gym?

  1. That’s exactly what I think! Wear a little but no need for anything extravagant or none at all! If I go to the gym I go to sweat, not waste time haha. Great post, made me laugh


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