The Perfect Spring Lip

Don’t worry, my friends.  I have officially found your perfect spring lip product.  Pop on this lippie, some lengthening mascara, your favorite highlight and you are ready to conquer anything with a beautifully fresh and dewy face.  

Smashbox’s Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer is almost two products in one.  It’s application yields a beautifully glossy finish.  As this fades, as glosses naturally do, you will find the product has left a stain on your lips.  This is a great feature since if we are not Johnny-on-the-spot with reapplying the product we can rest easy knowing there is a stain left behind. 

There is a wide range of colors for this item. The color featured in this blog is calypso.

This color is a flirty peach/coral color, with a subtle shimmer.  The stain left is also a coral color.

I was looking on Sephora’s website (that is where I purchased mine) and did not see this color.  I thought maybe this color had been discontinued, but a Google search did not confirm that.  If you can’t find this particular color, all of the colors in this range will be just as prefect.  The color flushed looks like a really great color for spring, it is described as a soft rose gold.

What’s your go-to spring lip color for a revitalized look?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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