Monthly Favorites: April 2015

Hello Friends!

IMG_7021Welcome back to my blog! It’s gonna be MAYYYY . One of my favorite videos to watch and blogs to read are about monthly favorites. Partially it is due to pure curiosity and part is because it really gives you a glimpse to what people have been using a lot! I thought I would start a monthly favorite series here. Some of these items I just got a week or two ago, to be honest. But since then I haven’t put them down. I figured that was good enough to be considered a favorite! Be sure to check out my  instagram! Let’s do this!



  • M.A.C Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul – This is a really natural looking pink blush. It has a nice shimmer, so if you prefer an all matte face or cheek you might want to skip this. The shimmer is so subtle and it adds a nice natural glow to the skin.
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – Maybelline strikes again with another killer mascara! How do they do it? They are like the wizards of mascara. I get the waterproof versions of mascara because I have allergies and wear contacts. The waterproof version of this mascara is great! Even one coat does the job to have a nice flutter to the lashes.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: Artist Palette – Check out my review on this palette! I have been obsessed with this collection of shadows since they came to me. Great quality.



  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Mulberry – This color is so nice, a beautiful berry color to match with any look. The product is so comfortable to wear. I put this on one night to try it out and by 9 PM I looked in the mirror and to my surprise…it was still on! It was so comfortable that I forgot it was on. Not too pricey either. Considering this lasts all day you really do get your money’s worth.

Household Items:


  • Into the Sauce: From Our Cucina to Your Kitchen – Cookbook! Do you like trying new recipes? If you do, try this one. The recipes are so easy and so tasty. Classic Italian food is always a win in my house and these recipes were to die for! The gorgonzola sauce especially was a homerun. If you like good rich cream sauces on pasta, give it a try!
  • Starbucks Stainless Steel Cold Cup, Purple – 16 fl oz – I will admit…I wouldn’t normally pay $23 dollars for a tumbler cold cup. But when I saw this I just could not resist! The cup has a certain iridescence and it is sure to make you smile. It’s also easy to clean and really does keep your beverage cold. Perfection.  Here is the other one they are offering and it is worth a mention, the color is sunset…how beautiful!

Media (book/TV/film):

  • Kindle Paperwhite – I read a lot. Every single day. It is something I really enjoy. I used to use the kindle app on my iPad, but then I heard that the Paperwhite has the same view screen as paper. I thought for sure this is a gimmick. Nope! This is legit! This does not hurt or strain your eyes at all. There is a nice light on it too that you can adjust if you are in bed reading the dark our outside reading while you wait for the bus. So, if you are a ready I definitely think you would like this. Not only for the screen but for the size! It is so small, so light weight you can take it everywhere. I know I do!
  • Sons of Anarchy. SONS. OF. ANARCHY. Thanks to good ole Netflix, we are able to binge watch this show. I liked it from the first episode, despite the cheesiness. Not a big deal to me. Anyway, we just started season 5 and WOW. Season 4 and 5 are amazing. If you like action, drama and don’t mind a bit of gore you should definitely watch this show.


  • Lucky Women’s Emmie2 Ballet Flat – A nice pair of flats is a must. They match with anything and can be good for a casual look or dressy look. These I really liked because they had a quick break-in time and are COMFORTABLE. Honestly. I can’t hang with uncomfortable shoes and these are great. These are the type of shoe that you could probably buy in multiple colors and be happy you did.

Random Bonus Items:


  • Grape gum? The check out line strikes again. This grape gum is so good! I love mint gum too, but it has been nice to switch it up. I couldn’t find a link, but I am sure you can see this in any drugstore or supermarket.
  • Coloring Books! I am obsessed with these! Read my past blog post!

So what were you into this past month?  Leave your favorites below on what is worth a try for May!  Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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