Anastasia Beverly Hills: Artist Palette

Two words:

  1. UNI
  2. CORN

I will not lie to you my friends, this unicorn shade was the reason I instantly wanted this palette. Unicorn is the star of this range for me and it is an indigo purple color with sparkle. The magic is so real, folks. Norvina was posting on Instagram about this and I knew that it had to be mine…MINE…MINES!

The packaging for the product is also really nice. There is a nice quality mirror included on the inside. Also, we get a cute little brush. Don’t hate on this brush, it isn’t bad! ABH1 ABH2As for the eye shadows, the quality is so great! This is my first try at the shadows from this company and they are working. They are pigmented perfectly, allowing for great blending and perfect pops of color. While you can do a full look with this palette, I would say that this would need to be supplemented with maybe a matte brown or your proper blending color. I used the aubergine color as a crease color and blended up to my brow with buttery; it worked quite well. However, if you were traveling with this I would recommend bringing a neutral palette as well. You are now equipped to conquer the world. YOU ARE WELCOME, WORLD.


The palette retails for $30, I bought mine from Sephora. For 12 high quality shadows and a nice two-sided brush…$30 is not bad. Think about it; let’s do the basic math. $30.00 / 12 shadows= $2.50 per shadow. Not bad! The naked palettes (which I love) are almost twice that in cost. Would I say opt for the Anastasia palette over a naked palette? No, obviously not. But, the price point is really not too bad in comparison to other higher end palettes.


Full forearm of colors:

ABH3Top row:

Top to bottom shades are dusty rose, aubergine, anaconda, punch fuchsia, buttery, blue velvet

ABH4Bottom row:

Top to bottom shades are coal, unicorn, phresh, baby I’m a star, orange you fancy, beigelyABH5

Disclaimer: I swatched the shadows over a primer. I did this for a specific reason; I would never wear these sans primer. So why even try to use without a primer? It isn’t how I would wear them in my normal life. The primer I used was painterly paint pot and this is what I used 99% of the time.

Overall, there is no buyer’s remorse here. The colors offered in this palette are so unique and such high quality, I think you will enjoy. The Anastasia eye shadow palettes tend to sell out…so if you love this pop-of-color type palette, you best jump on it like it did!  I can’t wait to use unicorn in look soon.  Stay tuned for that!

Will you be getting this new palette?

Until next time, plant nothing but love.


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